30 Good Ideas in 30 Days

Can we be grateful and anxious at the same time?


Probably not.

How can we express gratitude for the bounty and abundance that surrounds us, despite any man-made limitations we may be struggling against?

We can focus on what is working and available to us without judgment or evaluating how much we like it.

Or we can focus on what isn’t working and set about correcting it, assuming that we know what the best correction would be.

Big assumption there.

George Oppen wrote in Of Being Numerous:

“One must not come to feel that he has a thousand threads in his hands,

He must somehow see the one thing …”

This might be interpreted as a poetic variation on the saying, “seeing the forest for the trees.”

If you can quiet the noise of those thousand threads and bring your attention to the one thing, you’ll see that much of what we worry about never comes to pass.

And that, chances are, in this exact moment, you have more to be grateful for than to be upset about.

That is the one true thing.

Regardless of what else is happening in my life, I have at least one thing to be grateful for—and that is this breath, right now.

Today’s challenge: set a timer for 60 seconds and settle into your breath. Then set the timer for 5 minutes as write down at least 10 things you’re grateful for, regardless of how large or small they may be. The point is to begin or expand upon your relationship with gratitude.

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