3 easy ways to jumpstart a move

This summer, 40 million Americans are expected to move or relocate. National Moving Day kicks off the official moving season on the Tuesday after Memorial Day, although for years Moving Daywas marked, if not celebrated, on May 1 for New Yorkers.

Not surprisingly, 68% of NYC residents who will be part of this national migration consider moving as their best shot to declutter their homes.

But like most major life shifts, moving brings a tremendous amount of stress along with the promise of lightening your load of unwanted or unneeded belongings.

To make the most of this opportunity AND reduce stress as much as possible, a well thought out plan is essential.

Here are 3 things you can do to jumpstart your organizing before a move:

1) Return everything you’ve borrowed.

Whether from a friend or the public library, a quick scan of your home should easily identify all the things you don’t even own but currently have in your possession.

2) Recycle everything you’re finished with.

Now is the time to shred old documents, take dead electronics to your local recycling center and empty the cupboards of all mismatched or orphaned food containers. Bonus points for recycling old textiles, art supplies and other items. In NYC, we have Materials for the Arts and fabric drop off sites at Union Square Marketand other locations around the 5 boroughs.

3) Sell anything that has significant monetary value.

From designer clothes to fine art and antiques, turn unwanted items into cash BEFORE moving them. Even without factoring in the cost of packing and moving things you don’t want, the math makes sense. Unless you’re in a secondary market industry, it is unlikely you will correctly time a sale to maximize your return. This is a clear case of “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

For things of lesser value, here is a simple formula to help determine if selling or donating is the better choice: A (where A is your hourly wage/value) x 3 hours = B (where B is the current market value of the item). It takes approximately 3 hours to sell one item online, between photos, creating a description, posting it online, responding to inquiries, then packing and shipping. If the item’s value is equal to orless than the value of 3 hours of your time, you’re better off donating it.

If you find yourself needing extra space while preparing for a move OR need to store things offsite temporarily, SpareFoot is an excellent resource to quickly find storage to meet your needs. Fromtraditional self-storage tofull-service options that include front door pick-up, itemization of your things, and items returned on-demand, SpareFoot is a one-stop shop to get stuff out of your way so you can focus on the bigger task at hand.


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