College students with too much stuff

Its August and that means some of you are getting ready to head off to college.

Whether it’s your first time living away from home or just your latest adventure, the excitement you feel is likely to be mixed with dread.No one likes moving.

I still remember the long trip with my dad as we lugged that packed U-Haul from Detroit to Marquette packed with too much stuff.

I wasn’t yet “The Most Organized Man in America,” so I definitely brought more than I needed.

At least I wasn’t this bad.

Like some freshmen, I went to college to get out of the house while putting off getting a job and living independently. Oh, and of course, to learn a thing or two.

I may have avoided full-time employment but in exchange, I was now sharing a 10×15 room with my friend Chip.

Our organizational skills were stretched to their limits as we tried to create specific zones for our music, studying and the few sentimental items we each had.

Neither of us were sloppy, but if anything was out of place, everyone felt the consequences.

Fortunately, it’s easy to keep your college dorm room organized with The Organizational Triangle. In this video, I help a college student tidy up her room using the triangle.

Just follow these three simple rules and your room will stay clean and you’ll never waste time searching for something buried under clothes, books or other random stuff.

Rule 1: One Home For Everything

Do you remember your grandmother saying this: “A place for everything and everything in its place.”That’s the old school version.

All you need to know is that every item in your room has one home and only one home. That means even your dirty clothes have a home …in the hamper. Dont toss them on the floor or hang them on an open door. Put them where they belong and you get two wins: your clothes ready for laundry AND a clean floor.

Likewise, hair products and shoes. Instead ofkicking off your shoes when you walk into the room, put them in the designated home for the shoes, whether that’s under the bed, on a shelf or in your closet.

Rule 2: Like With Like

All like objects live in the same home together. Even if you want to leave your favorite sweater on the back of your desk chair dont. The best way to guarantee finding it when you want it is to keep it with all of your other sweaters in the closet or dresser.

Rule 3: Something In, Something Out

It is super easy to keep your dorm room clean and organized, too. When you bring anything new into the room, other than a schoolbook or a notebook, something leaves.If you go on a shopping spree or drag in a bunch of holiday schwag, dont just cram more stuff into your closet or drawers. Sort through your old clothes and other things and pull out the ones that you’re going to replace with all the nice new stuff you just brought in.

Follow these 3 simple rules and you will have a clean, tidy and organized dorm room all year round.

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